An Ode to Onan

Myriad thoughts of the flesh, frenzied, relentless, gnawing my insides, bending my will;

Wallowing in these clutches of ceaseless desire, I live, I breathe pristine lust!

A conspiracy of mind and body, striking down the last vestiges of discernment

In throes of unsatisfied passion I swim, tantalizingly close to a sweet culmination,

The world dies, time freezes, hoping desperately for the seconds to stretch forever

I catch glimpses of the shores of nirvana, a glittering jewel on the beckoning horizon

As feelings of permanence emerge within, a rising crescendo of absolute pleasure!

They shatter, fizzling out like the candle, always burning brightest in its final seconds

I lay spent, rudely shaken off my reverie, pangs of guilt and boredom in sight,

Few moments of absolute bliss, reality looms into view, oh so predictable and trite!